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“Sometimes,” he adds, when I’m working on mix-downs I turn around and focus on that rather than on the computer screen. In those moments I’m thinking about how my music relates to or honors the victims of the trance war – not in an Edward Starr ‘war’ type way, but perhaps in the same lineage as Muslimgauze’s relationship with operation peace for Galilee.”Christ’s story is microcosmic of creativity’s indiscriminate nature. Whether it’s obsessing over a cross-Atlantic military alliance logo and coming up with a trance banger, or taking in a piece of Parisian architecture and appropriating it to a groundbreaking sneaker.
In the end, a fearless and distinctive vision often reaps the most satisfying rewards.It’s difficult to assign one overarching characteristic to Liv Little. As the editor in chief of gal-dem mag, the publication written principally by women of color, she’s overseen the magazine becoming a driving force in challenging what views, interpretations and lived experiences are actually seen in the media landscape.Sadly, this can be seen as rebellious. But it’s also perceptive, too – a perception that naturally comes from the legitimate discontent that for too long, the world has been simplified at the expense and suppression of other people’s voices. “The inception of gal-dem came about from many things but mainly out of what was a desperate desire to connect with other women of color,” she explains. “We look at topics or issues which matter to us and try to think of unusual and exciting ways to tackle them. It’s all about collaboration and bringing in the voices of those around you.”
Little’s work is also by definition collaborative. With well over 100 women now writing for the magazine, it is already expanding from the confines of virtual publication and commentary into physical events. From mini-documantaries to comedy nights and artistic installations, including gal-dem’s Friday Late piece at London’s V&A in October 2016, Little is part of a process that’s bringing previously unheard voices into the mainstream debate. “I personally hope that women of color are able to take solace in our platform and that those from outside of that demographic really listen and engage with the topics we are discussing.”Read the stories we gathered with Nike of genuine creatives living in Berlinand Paris, and how they’re making it as creative people in their cities.