We live in a world that demands every individual to be presentable and appealing to the eye of the opposite person. This is where today, every individual, man or woman, understands the importance of having a glowing skin, white teeth and a well groomed personality. However, over the time, whiter teeth tend to get yellowish due to several factors encompassing our day to day lives.

Teeth WhiteningMore and more people are now willing to pay premium prices to get their teeth whitened at the dentist’s offices.  Others are curious to grab an insight on how the process works, whether it is safe or not, how much it costs and how long will the results last. While there are some others who are interested in finding out whether it is possible to do the same at home – quite a few cannot afford to get it done at the dentist’s office; to be practical.

Defining teeth whitening:

Tooth whitening is a process where diluted bleach is used to lighten the color of teeth.  Most of the whitening happens in the enamel – this process cannot make the teeth bright while but it can lighten the color by several shades.

Whitening is a dental process and is best performed by a dentist or a professional.  This process is quite delicate and can put oral health at risk if it is not done properly.  There are quite a few DIY teeth whitening kits which are available in the open market and they work quite efficiently to lighten a few shades.

How the whitening process works:

Whether one goes to a dentist or uses a whitening kit, it will require a number of applications to get teeth white enough to match the required shade.  Dentists also sell teeth whitening kits along with the gel for home use.  Dentists make a mould impression of a person’s teeth and then include the bleaching gel in the kit.  Instructions on how to use the mouthguard and gel are given to the patient.

Mouth guards have to be used for a period of two to four weeks – the gel has to be squirted in the mouth guard and left for at least 8 hours.  Some kits shorten the whitening period to a week and this depends on the potency of the gel.

A newer whitening method – laser whitening is now available at the dentist’s office.  Bleaching products are painted onto teeth and lasers are used to activate products.  Laser whitening shortens to process to just an hour.

Teeth whitening kits are very popular as it offers people a chance to improve their looks and confidence at an affordable price.

Make sure to talk to a dentist and find out which the most effective method of teeth whitening is and also how to use a specific product before you wish to get started with it.  Whitening can be dangerous if people don’t use the requisite precautions – gum and other tissues in the mouth are quite delicate and can be damaged if the process isn’t done right.