If you are trying to decorate your small home, sometimes it can feel like the options are very limited. Whereas there is not much you may do to add a little square footage, but there are many ways you can make your small apartment feel completely put together. Key is to take benefit of the biggest open spaces that you haveā€”and it is the walls. So, are you ready to go to the next level, we have gathered a few inspirations for getting you started.

Go for the Large Scale Wall Art

The oversize photograph or painting can command good attention and set right tone in the small space. You can try out black & white photograph in the minimalist space or you can add color with the vibrant abstract. Big photo of a sea in your living room is a good idea.Decor Ideas

Design a Wall Gallery

Nothing adds color and personality quite like the gallery wall. You can display the collection of photographs, art, or add any wall hangings or other ephemera. Go for the simple and cohesive frames and bring in a wide range of the ornate variations for mixing these things up!

Showcase Fabric

The wall hanging or tapestry will add pattern and color, and sense of softness in the space. You can consider framing the vintage scarves and other pretty textiles. It is very simple to move than the framed paintings when you have to head to the next home.

Hang Right Mirrors

Mirrors are the reflection of light, and helping small space to appear brighter and bigger. Try to hang the oversize mirror, or you can display smaller pieces style.

Paint Mural

Allow your walls to take you to other place just by adding the mural in your walls. No matter if you want to hand-paint this or choose the wall covering, motif can make the big impact.

Install Floating Shelves

Suppose you have run out of the floor space for your bookshelves, you can take all your collection to wall. You can install shelves and display the hard covers, sculptures, or other ends.

Hang Out Plates

Why to hide your china products in a cabinet if you have an option to show it off? You can use the wire plate hangers for displaying some of your favorite dishes & serving platters.

Sculptural Sconces

Sconces will add light source without even taking up the space on floor and side table. You can choose the eye-catching design, which doubles as the wall sculpture and bring in style and light.