If you have a website, you already know that great content is the core of an effective digital marketing campaign. Many people think that creating content is a thing of the past. In reality, marketers still aim to be at the top, especially on dominant search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices may have changed, but the goal still remains the same.

Here are some writing tips for better content:

Target several keywords

Before you write, you need to identify the right keywords. You have to do your research first and determine which keywords offer the most value. As soon as you have your keyword, you can incorporate that in your articles. Typically, contents target primary keywords but many marketers these days forget to maximize the potential of their content by targeting secondary search terms (long tails.)

Targeting primary and secondary keywords will amplify its ability to attract more organic traffic. You can use tools to identify keyword variations. You should also strategically place your keywords on the key areas of the content like the title tag, meta description, and header tags.

Improve readability

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When it comes to ranking, Google looks into user engagement metrics these days. You can do this by improving readability. To improve readability, you can break long paragraphs and use shorter sentences. You also need to highlight the most interesting parts of your content through bold texts, bullets, and subheadings.

You can consider multimedia to get your message across. There are many forms that you can consider – infographics, pictures, video, audio, GIFs, and screenshots. For multimedia, you need to optimize it first by incorporating keywords to attract more traffic and site hits.

Include semantically related terms

When writing, it’s beneficial to include semantically related terms. You have to know about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing.) It’s a process which search enginesutilize to understand the words and the relationships of the term. For this, you can use related entities and nouns. You can also consider the synonym of close variants in natural language instead of using your primary keyword several times.

Include quotes or stats from credible sources

If you cite the work of other people, it will open up networking opportunities and possibly collaboration. It’s also the best way to build rapport with trendsetters or influencers in your industry. The linked sources will inevitably improve the content’s relevance.

You can consider wicked article creator for high-quality contents. Always keep in mind that high-quality content created for your targeted audience will increase site traffic, which will translate to sales boost.