So, you have been responsible for planning your next corporate banquet. Here are tips to facilitate the planning of your corporate banquet and make your event an amazing success for your boss to smile from ear to ear for a job well done.

The first step in planning corporate events is to determine an approximate budget

Some considerations include the location of the event, food expenses, corporate entertainment expenses and awards or recognition expenses. Keep in mind that this should be approximate, so you have a rough idea that the administration will at least agree to spend it. You can always agree with this in the future, as soon as your ideas come true.

The second step is to interview people in your company to find great ideas about what they would like to see or have at your next corporate banquet hong kong. Simply send a brief email with a survey form asking your colleagues what they would like to see at this event.

Some typical categories for a survey are: banquet venue, food options, corporate events or corporate entertainment. By collecting ideas from all employees from top to bottom, you give everyone the opportunity to take responsibility for the event, which can help increase attendance.

Awesome Corporate Banquet Planning Tips

The third step is to select potential locations. Most banquet and conference centers will have package rates with a wide selection of dishes to choose from. Some companies have outdoor activities that require a food service company to provide food on site. Regardless of whether you choose an outdoor location, such as a park or a covered conference center, talk to former customer service providers to make sure you choose a place and a catering group that has a history of successful annual dinner venue.

The fourth thing to buy is corporate entertainment. Some ideas to consider are DJs, bands and live artists such as regular comedians, magicians, hypnotic comedies or motivational speakers. Budgeting in this area can sometimes be difficult. Many planners think you can get spending a few hundred dollars in this area. Some will even make a catastrophic mistake, trying to do all the corporate entertainment on their own. Nothing means a boring and frustrated group of murmured and frustrated employees that when the congress planner tries to save money in this area. You should plan to spend at least $ 2,000 – $ 5,000 in this area to provide quality entertainment.


Finding a good live artist can also be difficult, especially if you think you need a local boy or girl. You may need to bring an artist from another state if there are no good local options. You must also ensure that the artist is impeccable and politically correct. Although you can’t always make everyone happy in every audience, do your best to find someone clean and cheerful.