Filmmaking is becoming more and more accessible these days. However, knowing how to choose the perfect soundtracks can be challenging. Getting a composer to do your soundtrack for you can be very pricy. This is why it’s very important that you understand how to score your film. You have to understand how to choose the best music. This is not only about the scene and the song, but how they are intertwined in order to create something new.

To help you find the perfect music, here are some tips for you:

Silence is Welcome.

Your entire film doesn’t need to have a ‘wall-to-wall’ soundtrack. Sometimes, your audience needs to breathe too. You can give it a little pause from time to time and just let the natural sounds take over. In fact, it can make the scene more personal, effective, and memorable. It gives the audience some time to think about the scene.

The Proper Shapes and Rhythm.

You have to remember that in a video, it has shapes and rhythm, just like how a song does. If you know how to complement the shape of your film with the soundtrack, then that can make or break the scene. Knowing how to do this is often overlooked. For small objects, you’d need to be delicate, intimate, and have finesse while big objects should have big bass. Fast movements should have quick and cutting tempo.

unlicensed music

Licenses and Permission.

Before you use any music for your film, you need to have the proper licenses and permits. Always remember that using unlicensed music can get you into big trouble. It can even risk your project, whichcan be taken down. What’s even worse is you can face lawsuits! It will not only get you in trouble, but it will hurt the artist in general. Sure, licensing can be very expensive, but it’s a good investment.

Avoid Going Epic.

You should match your soundtrack with your video. For example, if your video is not epic, your music shouldn’t be either. Both scenes and music should complement each other. If you do a mismatch mistake, it can make your audience wonder whether they have missed something or maybe you have spent an exaggerated time editing it.

Be Original.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect soundtrack for your film, you should try to be different. Sometimes, it’s best to have originality. Avoid copying what others usually do. Disregard the things that others do. Sometimes, you can do something that contradicts the trend. Try to break some rules every now and then. Still, take into consideration the factors mentioned above because it can make or break your film.

When it comes to finding the best soundtrack for your film, never stop learning. Remember that this industry is continuously changing. Be updated of what’s new in the mainstream for you not to be left out. Learn from others too! Do your research and watch tutorials online. Learn from them and broaden your knowledge about finding the best music. It will not be easy at first, but if you learn as you, you will become better.