Have you been doing everything to keep a greener and healthier lifestyle? This might include watching what food you eat, exercise, good hygiene, plant trees and greener plants in your garden and many more. Your time and effort to keep your body system and environment can be appreciable. Have you ever looked at the air you breathe?

You are mistaken if you thought that the atmosphere in your home, car, office, malls, hotels, hospitals, gyms, or restaurants, as well as other indoors, could be clean & safe. The sad reality is pollutants and allergens such as fungal spores, cleaning agents, cooking smoke, varnishes, pet dander, dust mites, paint fumes, residues, residues, and accumulated dust have already been polluting the indoors for some time now. In this case, buying an air purifier could make your daily life comfortable, greener, and healthy. An air purifier will help to deodorize your indoor air and can ward off bacteria virus, harmful gases, etc.

Your indoor air is usually more polluted compared to the air outside. Since we spend nearly all of our time indoors, our experience of the poor indoor quality of air puts us at an increased risk for several diseases. Using an air purifier may help create cleaner, healthier air in your house or office, so you can enjoy a better indoor quality of air.

Planning to purchase an air purifier? First, you must do a bit of research to discover which air cleaner is better for space. Answer these questions before you buy:

Why Do You Need An Air Purifier?

When choosing an air purifier, first, think about your indoor air quality needs. If you like for general air quality improvements, you might want to go for air purifiers with HEPA filters. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters or also known as HEPA helps to eliminate 99.97% of airborne allergens which includes pollen, mold spores, pet dander, ragweed, and dust mites.

Below are the specific needs of why an individual should buy an air purifier:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Smoke
  • Pets
  • Chemical Sensitivities

What Size of the Air Purifier Will Fit Your Need?

To select the right size air purifier to meet your needs, look at the square footage of the room you intend to purify. It is possible to calculate the square footage by measuring the length and width of the area in feet by multiplying the two numbers together. Using this number in hand, look for an air purifier with a recommended square foot coverage area that matches your room’s square footage.

What Air Purifier Features Do You Need?

After seeking the type and measurements of the air purifier that you need, consider if you want any special features. Added features such as multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors, caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, and many more.

Where to Put Your ?

In many situations, you should place your air purifier in your bedroom since this is where you spend much of your time. Take into account that portable air purifiers were created primarily to purify the air in a single room only, so you might need to invest additional units for any other rooms.

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