Humans are the only living creature that does not travel or stay naked. They have developed clothes to cover their body. It plays a vital role in the life of a human being. There is a variety of dresses that a person can wear. The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the present world. People also have footwear to cover their feet. It helps to keep it free from germs and the harsh condition of the roads. Some people are fond of shoes and love to collect them. A variety of options are available for the public to choose from the collection.

Categories of Shoe:

Some of the categories are:

  1. Running shoes- Running is an event where the footwork plays a vital role. Thus choosing footwear is necessary. A kid’s running shoes help them in the early stages of life.
  2. Formal shoes- It is one of the most beneficial categories of shoes. People, while going for an important meeting, or business deals, or job interviews, etc., need a pair of formal shoes. It helps them to create an impression.
  3. Boots- It is a shoe with a lengthy extension. They also cover the upper ankle portion. There are a variety of boots available. Generally, people use leather material. People in cold countries prefer them to any other category.

Importance of wearing shoes:

Humans wear shoes for many reasons. Some of the important are:

  • The shoes help in the protection of the feet. The human feet is one of the most delicate among other animals. Thus it requires safety from the harsh conditions of the floor, roads, grounds, and many more.
  • It keeps the foot in a warm state. During winter, people wear them to protect their feet from the cold climate. Thus shoes play a vital role in cold countries.
  • A variety of shoes known as the sports shoe is one of the main components of every game. The manufacturers use strong materials to make a shoe. It acts as a shock absorber of the impact that a player creates in reaction to the ground.
  • The kid’s running shoes help them to start learning to walk and run. By absorbing the impact, they said the kid to run freely.

The company’s manufacturing shoes are one of the most vital industries in a country. They supply the demand of the market. People can choose from a wide range of products.