Since you are considering forming a corporation in Hong Kong, and if you own one registration there, you will require the services of a general manager. Corporation secretarial solutions help your businesses to remain consistent throughout Hong Kong as well as facilitate you with firm registration issues, from reporting purposes to interacting with equity investors as well as legitimate authorities. Always go for the best company secretarial service Hong Kong

Businesses must have a responsible person in full compliance with the Hong Kong Corporations Act. Furthermore, your secretary should be over the maturity level of 18, as well as they couldn’t be the managing owner. If you go for the best company secretary service Hong Kong, it would prove to be good for the firm in the long run.

What are the services?

  • Business license implementation.
  • Submitting the annual report of the corporation.
  • Company secretary facilities are offered.
  • Providing registration office support.
  • Services for accessing financial services.
  • Keeping statutory documents up to date.
  • Plan annual shareholder gatherings as well as board conferences to discuss important company judgments.
  • Transfer of shares/allotment of shares.
  • Changes to the company name/addition of a division certificate of incorporation.
  • Purchases and mergers.
  • Deregistration and liquidation of a firm.
  • Company reconstruction.


They advise ensuring that they have prior corporation secretarial expertise as well as a TCSP license in HK. This is because the corporate office work role seems to be quite essential, as they must cope with governing bodies. If you employ or designate a secretariat that has no expertise with organizational office work, you may violate HK legislation.