We will cover topics on the regulation and tax regime of Hong Kong’s private wealth management company, the perspectives from family offices, and the legal services that could facilitate private wealth management. Our robust and mature legal system and a sophisticated and experienced financial industry of the office business have flourished in recent years to enhance Hong Kong’s attractiveness further.

Why wealth management in Hong Kong is the best option 

Hong Kong is no doubt fortifying its strength to attract private wealth from around the globe. Its assets under management reached 334.9 trillion in 2020 and 64 of which came from non-Hong Kong investors, and the success relies heavily on our unique one country two systems, our stable and secured financial market, and our sound and robust legal system; all these factors make it the best option for wealth management hong kong.

Leading global financial center

Private wealth in Hong Kong is the best option we have the sound legal and financial infrastructures, in addition, we have been given various unparalleled opportunities this is unequivocal evidence showing its status as a leading global financial center under one country to systems such as the closer economic partnership agreement the national 14th five-year plan, the greater bay area outline development plan and the Tiahna plan. Still, above all, we have a vast opportunity of talent from around the world, all converging in Hong Kong.

Reports about world ranking

The global financial sciences index published its latest rankings last month, where Hong Kong ranked first in Asia and third in the world, only behind New York and London in infrastructure.

In the human capital financial sector development reputation, Hong Kong ranked number two globally and number one in Asia. In terms of funds raised through IPO in 2020, It ranked number one in the world seven times in the past 12 years; in this regard, last year, its equities markets average daily turnover reached 129.5 billion.