Artificial grass UK has grown in popularity in recent years with many people deciding to lay it as a lawn substitute, to save water and allow them to create the low maintenance garden they desire. However, despite this increased interest, there remains a lot of confusion and debate over the benefits of artificial grass hong kong. This article will take a look at an assortment of commonly asked questions regarding artificial grass and should put to rest some of the myths that surround it.

How to choose artificial grass

Artificial grass comes in a wide range of prices, from about $4 a square foot for the basic synthetic turf to $12 for the real thing. The higher price buys you better turf that resists stains and deformation and has a more realistic look. But the difference isn’t huge; for smaller projects, you probably don’t need to spring for the expensive stuff. The biggest choice is between synthetic and real grass. Synthetic grass lasts longer and will stand up to more abuse, but it doesn’t look as good and can be difficult to install.

The cost of installation of outdoor furniture hk matters less if you do it yourself, but if you’re planning on paying someone else, synthetic turf will cost less upfront. A roll of artificial grass at Home Depot costs about $80, or $2 a square foot; the same amount of AstroTurf (which is real grass) costs over $200. Real grass also needs way more care than artificial grass. It must be mowed regularly weekly during the summer which is no problem if you have a yard full of it but might be harder if you have just a few squares in front of your house. And both real and fake grass needs water during dry spells, too little water causes real grass to turn brown.