Recently the Hong Kong government came under fire after customs seized over HK 1.5 million worth of cannabinoid-based products on the port. Since then, there has been confusion about whether Cbd oil is legal? Or buy cbd online hong kong is legal? Health officials came out strong in support of the government, claiming that the autonomous region has a “zero-tolerance policy towards cannabinoids and THC in food and drinks.”

THC is classified as an illicit substance is strongly implied that CBD-infused products would be treated with a great deal of legal suspicion. Despite the harsh legislation, pure CBD is legal in Hong Kong. Despite the recent backlash, CBD produced from hemp is considered legal in Hong Kong for sale, purchase, and distribution.

Price of CBD oil in hongkong

The cbd oil hong kong price is very reasonable and can be purchased online and in many stores. Therefore, the price is excluded by using promo codes and other discount offers. A pack of two CBD oil of 1200mg each cost around 648 HKD, 5000mg costs around 1499 HKD, 3600mg costs around 848 HKD, 500mg costs 389 HKD, 2400 mg costs 598 HKD, and 2500 mg costs around 978 HKD.

Cbd oil is also available in sets and bundles for the set. Set of 3 for 2400mg costs up to 1748 HKD, 3 bottles of 30 mg gummies cost up to 1299 HKD, set of 3 for 1200mg costs up to 1198 HKD, set of 2 for 2500mg, st of 3 for 3600mg costs up to 2398 HKD nad set of 3 for 3000mg costs up to 2598 HKD.